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Need an extra layer of protection between workers and consumers in retail, restaurants, corner store, and reception desks? Our assistance preserve social distancing guidelines and reinforce public health practices. These clear plastic barriers, likewise called splash guards, help protect employees and visitors from the spread of seasonal or air-borne health problems by producing physical spacing between individuals with floorstandin and countertop choices - Custom Brochure Holders.

Preserve cleanliness in your office work environment or public space with plastic splash boxes that are simple to wash, and much easier to set up with counter top, hanging, and floor standing options. Brochure Holder. Our acrylic sneeze guards are perfect for any point-of-sale cashier and reception desks, consisting of money signs up, and any other high-traffic area such as bank tellers, cafe, and take-out pick-up areas.

Usually a plexiglass screen, these splash shields were originally created to avoid food contamination in restaurants, buffets, and take-out areas. Clear plastic sneeze guards have actually considering that discovered a home in a number of industries, frequently creating area in between c-store clerks, bank tellers, and receptionist and their clients. This safeguards both workers and guests from the spread of transmittable illnesses, particularly in peak seasons.

Our consumers pick these splash shields due to the fact that they are simple to get rid of and re-install in between shift cleansings, helping to preserve a healthy, sterile, environment for all who visit. These plastic sneeze guards are most frequently used to avoid liquid spills, air-borne pollutants, or infections from spreading - however, other industries tend to use these also including nail hair salons and doctors' offices.

The spread of health problem is something all workplaces need to desire to avoid, both to keep a healthy and happy labor force, and to relieve the minds of customers who visit. By revealing everyone that you are purchased protecting the health of those who choose to frequent your area, you remain in turn promoting the longevity and health of our service.

Assist keep social distance and physical separation while securing from splashes and sprays with our clear plastic barriers - PPE Dispenser. Plexiglass sneeze guards, splash guards, cashier shields and other clear partitions are more crucial than ever. Store our selection of in stock acrylic guards. Or contact us for custom-made plexiglass shields in nearly any size or shape with any options you may need such as gain access to holes or mounting options.


We can make any of our protective barriers from clear polycarbonate plastic or other products. Contact us for details. We are declining returns at this time. Read More Products are meant for commercial and commercial use. Social distancing is a method of avoiding illness by keeping physical space in between individuals.

A splash guard is a barrier device used to keep fluids in one area, reducing cross-contamination into another (Sneeze Guards). Splash guards are typically made from acrylic and be available in a variety of sizes. A sneeze guard or guard is a physical barrier that is used to safeguard products and maintain tidiness in offices and public areas.

All sneeze guards, plexiglass shields, and retail barriers are in stock and prepared to ship. Orders leave our New Jersey storage facility in 1 to 2 organization days (Sneeze Guard). Shipment time is reliant on the carrier and destination. All of our sneeze guards, plexiglass guards, and retail barriers are made in the USA and produced internal at our New Jersey center.

The 9-Minute Rule for What Do You Use For A Sneeze Guard?

Acrylic is half the weight of glass however 10 times more impact-resistant, making it ideal for this application. can produce sneeze guards, plexiglass guards, and retail barriers in customized sizes. Our in-house production enables a range of options such as mounting features and customized printing. Please call us for more details.

We have substantial experience handling large orders and multi-store rollouts. Our Portable Clear Acrylic U Shape Barrier Shields are ideal for counter tops and desktops. It is readily available in three heights; 28", 35.5", and 47.5" in addition to a variety of various widths. The 35.5" and 47.5" tall Portable Clear Acrylic U Shape Barrier Shields feature side brackets that are connected using flexible living hinges.

For basic barrier shield designs, the space size can be gotten used to provide a 6" opening by moving the primary panel. For barrier guards with the access hole choice, the access hole procedures 4" high by 10" wide opening, permitting easy exchange of payment and goods. Our Counter Top Clear Acrylic L Shape Guard Barriers are terrific for preserving the tidiness of your desk and offering physical separation.

You can place two guards together to form a U-shape barrier increasing coverage area. We provide our Countertop Clear Acrylic L Forming Guard Barriers in 18" and 29.5" heights. Our Countertop Clear Acrylic Splash Shield Sneeze Guards are created to help shield and secure from spray and splashes. The 25" height is ideal for desktops and workstation counter tops.